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We are active in the parish of Enhörna, a peninsula by lake Mälaren in the province of Södermanland, Sweden. Stockholm is in the East, the cities of Mariefred and Södertälje in the West and Southeast, respectively. The name Enhörna is likely derived from the shape of the peninsula, a horn that had to be rounded when going by boat along the Southern shore of the lake.

Enhörna today

Enhörna has retained its rural character in spite of being only 45 minutes from Stockholm. Wide fields and stretches of forest create a beautiful, varied landscape. About 2500 people live in the area, either in the countryside or in the small settlements such as Ekeby, Stjärna, Aska, Tuna and Sandviken. Many residents commute to Södertälje or elsewhere in the Stockholm region.

Enhörna in the past

Enhörna is located at the center of Swedish history, with the viking trading center Birka on the island of Björkö just a few kilometers away in lake Mälaren. One intact runestone remains in the parish outside one of out two 12th century churches.

Since early middle ages there have been two parishes in the area, Överenhörna (Upper Enhörna) and Ytterenhörna (Outer Enhörna). They were not merged until the 1950s.

There are three major manors in Enhörna: Ekensberg, Horn and Lövsta.

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